The story of Fischer-Bargoin

History of Bargoin company

  • 1859 : Creation by Etienne Bargoin
  • 1905 : Auguste Bargoin sets up business at 1 avenue des Etats-Unis in Thiers, France
  • 1928 : Albert and Jean Bargoin create SARL BARGOIN, a limited liability company
  • 1948 : André Bargoin joins the company
  • 1969 : Creation of Bargoin SA, a joint stock company
    Acquisition of Taillanderie Fieux edge-tool works
  • 1970 : Premises moved to the new factory in Breuil and beginning of the industrial era
  • 1987 : Philippe Bargoin takes charge of the company
    Acquisition of the Sabatier brand
  • 1999 : Marie Hélène Bargoin is appointed President
  • 2010 : Lionel Raynaud, grandson of André Bargoin, is appointed President
    This year is decisive for the firm, which has been acquired by FISCHER-CASTET.

During the 19th century, a Swiss artisan specialised in the manufacture of files sought out M. RAMEAU, an artisan in edge-tools located in Sens (France), to help him make sharpening steels.

His name was FISCHER, hence the name of the brand. The technique and skills required for files is quite similar to those needed to make sharpening steels.

This technique is still used today to make professional model

History of Fischer company

  • 1849 : Creation of Ets. Rameau in Sens
  • 1978 : Acquisition of the company by André Bargoin and Jean and Andrée Raynaud, artisinal butchers
  • 1979 : Jacques Raynaud and Marie Christine, daughter of André Bargoin, take charge of the company
  • 1981 : The premises are moved to Thiers, to be closer to cutlery manufacturers
    Purchase of premises in the ZI des Molles business park
  • 1986 : Acquisition of Castet
  • 2006 : Acquisition of Rouchon and Monteil companies. Fischer is the last French manufacturer of sharpening steels
  • 2010 : Acquisition of Bargoin
  • 2011 : Merger to become FISCHER-BARGOIN